Carnegie Innovation Hall is a state-of-the-art center for innovation that pairs educational programming and entrepreneurship with arts, performance, music, and technology. This one-of-a-kind center features engaging workshops and educational programming by day; and theatre, performing arts, and community events in the evening.

Housed in Alameda’s historic Carnegie Library, we’ve reimagined the library of the 21st Century. We combine technology, theater, arts, and innovation in a place where our community is invited to dream, learn, design, and grow. We aim to serve as an entrepreneurial launchpad, empowering participants of all ages and backgrounds to imagine, create, and broadcast their ideas to the world.

We’ll partner with local educators, schools, and community groups to offer resources for anyone who wants to transform their dreams into reality, and broadcast them to the world via crowdfunding sites, Youtube, and an in-house community access TV station.

In the evenings, our sumptuous main floor and mezzanines become a premier event venue for theatrical performances, music shows, and public events including weddings, celebrations, and community gatherings.

Accessibility is vital to our mission. We offer unique opportunities and programming to our guests, students, and teachers of all backgrounds and abilities. Anyone with an idea to share or a desire to learn is welcome at Carnegie Innovation Hall.